Terms of service

1. Legal agreements

You agree not to abuse our game servers, fast download or databases.
You agree not to run any sexually-orientated content on our game servers, fast download and databases.
You agree not to run servers that aims to destroy players game or abuse him without his permissions.

2. Refund Policy

If you bought any game server and found it not as you expect, simply you can ask for refund for this service.
You have 7 days after you bought the game server to ask for refund if the game server not as expected.
We happily will refund you and no matter what is your reasons, it's up to you. Just we need to ensure that who with us need us.
If you break any of legal agreements we are allowed to terminate your game server without refund.

3. Language

Please make sure to use english in your support tickets so we can help you, if we can't understand you sadly we won't be able to solve your problem.

4. Support

We promise to provide full support to anything related to the game server, we will try our best to solve your problem as fast as possible.
If we did not manage to solve your problem, we will terminate the service and refund your money.

5. SSH Access

We can give you SSH access if you want. However, that will be on your risk. So if problems happened, sadly we won't be able to help me.

Please note that we may change/update these terms any time, and will surely inform you.